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Library Cafe is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a haven for bookworms, caffeine enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a warm and inviting space. We’ve been a staple in the cafe industry for years, known for our cozy atmosphere and delicious treats. The Brainvibs Services (P)  year, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our very own coffee brand, Library Espresso!

Library Espresso: A New Chapter

The launch of Library Espresso marks a new chapter for Library Cafe. We’re excited to share our passion for coffee with a wider audience and offer a unique product that reflects our commitment to quality and community.

Join us at Library Cafe, where every cup tells a story.

Today, we continue serving the best coffee in town and have built a deeper coffee relationship with the people of Brooklyn and around.

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Library Espresso. Owner.

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Coffee So Good, It Deserves Its Own Chapter

Our Coffee Fans Speak!

Library Cafe is my favorite spot to meet friends for coffee. Their Library Espresso is always a crowd-pleaser, and the atmosphere is perfect for catching up and conversation. It's never too loud, and there's always a comfortable place to sit
Vijay Rajput
I love grabbing a Library Espresso latte before diving into a book at Library Cafe. The coffee is smooth and doesn't overpower the flavor of the pastries. It's the perfect companion for a cozy afternoon spent getting lost in a good story.
"I appreciate that Library Cafe offers a variety of brewing methods for Library Espresso. I love trying the pour-over for a lighter cup with a fruitier taste. It's a great way to enjoy the full flavor profile of the beans
Library Espresso is a revelation! The beans are obviously high-quality, and the roast is perfect - balanced and flavorful. It's clear they put a lot of care into the process. Finally, a coffee that elevates my morning routine.
I used to think great coffee required fancy equipment and expensive beans. But Library Espresso changed that! Their beans are amazing, even for my basic drip coffee maker.
Amit Singh

1st Floor, Sanwal Plaza, Durga City centre, above Reliance Trends Footwear, Subhash Nagar, Haldwani, Uttarakhand 263139

10pm - 07pm
Monday -Sunday
12pm - 11pm

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+91- 75000 28400
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